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What we do

In operation for 16 years, OneWorld is a privately owned consultancy head-quartered in Cape Town, focused primarily on climate change issues in an African context. Integration, cooperation and stakeholder partnership are central to our approach. OneWorld prides itself on its integrative approach to projects, and has cultivated strong relationships with both public and private institutions throughout Africa.

With our strong base of regional partners, OneWorld adds value by working at the interface where scientific research, policy and development intersect. Our work is by its nature interdisciplinary, but with three distinct outputs: applied research; technical analysis; and publishing. We support our partners and clients in the climate change, natural resource management, energy, green growth and socio-economic development arenas.

A large part of our work is to respond to continental demands for research, strategy development and policy analysis, and to translate these into publications. But our work is not simply demand-driven: we aim to provide thought leadership and play the role of game-changers, striving to reveal possibilities for resilient development in partnership with our clients.

Resilience underlies sustainability, and the objective of building resilience on the African continent is aligned with OneWorld’s three core programmes, focusing on building resilience through natural resource management, climate finance, global governance, and low carbon development. OneWorld has in-depth experience in working in shared river basins and transboundary settings, as well as in climate change adaptation and resilience building throughout the African continent.

Our Approach

Our approach to our work derives from our values and the core skills we have developed:

  • Responsive and intuitive capacity building
  • Advancing adaptive capacity to climate change
  • Advocating participatory analysis and partnerships
  • Mobilising policy to interface with science and implementation
  • Tracking of, and alignment to, global and continental trends
  • Aligning public and private sector needs and capabilities


  • Integrating climate change with country-specific development goals
  • Assimilating climate finance into development finance prerogatives
  • Matching needs to resources, beneficiaries to benefactors
  • Managing for change at regional and transboundary levels
  • Working programmatically and using lessons-learned to build on our experiences


These core skills find expression in how we develop and communicate our thinking, and how we translate our ideas into successful projects.

How we work

OneWorld’s comprehensive project experience and production of high-quality disciplinary research and technical advisory services strategically positions the firm to provide relevant and effectual support to decision and policy makers.  This, along with substantial experience in programme coordination, management, and strategy development, allows the OneWorld team to provide tailored technical advice and support to its clients. We have developed clear and effective methodologies for socio-economic development and climate impact assessments, as well as depth of experience in stakeholder processes, including expertise in organising, managing and facilitating these. This has been gained through many years of working on projects across sub-Saharan Africa that have had a strong focus on participatory analysis and high-level stakeholder engagement. The variety of projects that OneWorld has undertaken, particularly in southern Africa, attests to that.

Clients and partners include multilateral institutions, for example, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the African Group of Negotiators (AGN), donor and multilateral organisations such as the EU, UKAID, USAID, UNDP, DfID and SIDA, national governments, global and regional network partners (such as the Global Water Partnership (GWP)), and other organizations in the private and non-governmental sectors. African countries we have worked in include all of the Southern African and Eastern African countries (Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe), Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal in West Africa, as well as Egypt and Tunisia in North Africa. In Africa, our shared river basin work includes the Zambezi, Limpopo Cubango - Okavango and Nile River Basins.

Who we are

OneWorld comprises a core team of dedicated professionals backed by a strong administrative, logistical, financial, and project management support team. Central to successful delivery is OneWorld’s extensive network of external partner institutions and experts with whom we work regularly. Through this network, OneWorld has access to resources covering a range of disciplines within the field of development and climate change, allowing for a high level of flexibility to client needs and related quality standards.

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Our Associates

Alex O’Riordan, Development Economist | Full bio

Rob Davies, Biodiversity and GIS Expert | Full bio

Dr. James van Hasselt, Public Health & Climate Expert | Full bio

Dr. Colleen Howell, Inclusive development specialist | Full bio

John Notoane, Stakeholder Engagement Specialist | Full bio

Arthur Chapman, Independent Consultant: Hydrology and Climate Scientist | Full bio