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OneWorld associate John Notoane facilitates a capacity building engagement session for a OneWorld project with IKI L-LED

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OneWorld Training Profile


OneWorld’s business activities are generally programmatic and often include capacity building and knowledge sharing. Our capacity building work is often implemented through training programmes, which also involves process facilitation and strategic dialogue.

All our training programmes include the development of targeted, bespoke training materials or modules. We typically train either end users of the training and materials, or trainers, who are thus enabled to provide ongoing training to end users.   We always validate our training materials with the learners, and refine the final training materials for ongoing, user friendly application. Most of our projects are underpinned by stakeholder engagement and participatory analysis.  This experience strongly supports our core competency in the area of translating information for accessibility and offering applied research through designing and delivering training programmes, to support partners and clients in the climate change and development arenas.

OneWorld’s approach towards learning & training material development

Our approach builds on our experience in, for example, developing learning and training materials for global and regional communities of practice, across a variety of sectors. A successful learning strategy needs to be underpinned by an adaptive management approach; continually reassessing user needs, priorities, and motivations, and adjusting the strategy to address these, based on a continually evolving understanding of learner motives, opportunities and means.

Co-creation and co-development of training materials is at the core of our approach and methodologies, driving institutional capacity building. Co-creation yields optimal results in terms of quality of end product or activity, while also building capacity, through coaching.

We have applied this approach in four recent projects in Zambia, developing and delivering a number of trainings and training manuals, under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). OneWorld has been working with the PPCR in Zambia in achieving its overall objective of mainstreaming climate change into development planning processes.

Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue SubBasin

A 6-day Train-the-Trainers course for 60 officials and NGOs. Training Manual: Guidelines and tools for applying climate risk and vulnerability assessments, costing adaptation interventions.

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Transforming Landscapes for Resilience and Development in Northern and Southern Zambia

Landscape Vulnerability Decision Support Framework (Training Manual) – supports identification of landscape level intervention.

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Climate Change Risk & Vulnerability Assessment in Luapula, Muchinga, Northern & Western Provinces

Training of the Trainers workshop with district and national level stakeholders (4 provincial workshops); and Training Manual. 

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 Developing Policy Screening Guidelines

To enable vulnerable sectors to screen policies and plans and identify entry points for mainstreaming climate change: Training of the Trainers workshop. 

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Our experience in developing and delivering training programmes spans across all four of our focal areas: Water Governance, Inclusive Green Growth and Energy, Climate and Development Futures and Climate-Smart Finance.

OneWorld has delivered training and capacity building across Africa:

The African Ministerial Council for Water (AMCOW) and the Global Water Partnership (GWP)Five-day climate finance training for partners and Government officials in central and eastern Africa (held in Nairobi) aimed at transferring knowledge on the global climate finance landscape and skills on developing CF projects for the sub regions.
Government of MozambiqueClimate change project proposal co-development: supported officials from 6 sectors in developing climate change proposals for the Adaptation Fund: trained officials in climate finance criteria and methodologies for developing the evidence base and cost benefit analysis of climate adaptation and mitigation projects.
The Limpopo Watercourse Commission (LIMCOM)Conducted a three-day climate finance training workshop on developing bankable climate finance projects for the Basin countries
UNDP and GIZFacilitated a Green Climate Fund readiness workshop for Southern African participants aimed at training Government officials from southern African countries on the emerging GCF architecture, project finance criteria and modalities for access.
Africa Group of Negotiators (AGN)Strategic and technical support and training to the lead negotiators and the Chair on climate finance, climate adaptation and mitigation ambition, between 2009 and 2015 in the development of related negotiation positions to the UNFCCC.
UNDP Recommendations for strengthening CFR in Eastern and Southern Africa, facilitation of capacity building workshops in six countries, mainly around GCF readiness.
USAID/Resilience in the Limpopo River Basin Program (RESILIM)Designed and implemented regional capacity building for developing successful climate-financed adaptation proposals; provided training for trainers and negotiators and developed a Negotiator’s Index (a series of publications to support African negotiators). Also trained intermediary institutions and trainers as well as climate negotiators: SADC Parliamentary Forum; Southern African Faith-based Communities for Environmental Change – SAFCEI; Lead negotiators and technical advisors from African countries. .


lead trainer profile

Belynda Petrie, CEO of OneWorld, is an internationally recognised expert in climate change adaptation and governance. She has 20 years of institutional and capacity development; facilitating government ownership and adaptive institutions, including developing feasible, overarching strategies for social inclusion (including gender).

Ms Petrie regularly serves as a policy and technical advisor to African Governments on climate change and governance and has led a range of related capacity building and skills and knowledge transfer initiatives

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