About Us

In operation since 2002, OneWorld is a privately owned consultancy with offices in Cape Town and Brussels. We focus on building social, economic, and institutional resilience in the context of climate and resource constraints.

Working both globally and across Africa, OneWorld translates the scientific evidence of climate change and its development impacts into realistic policy and institutional arrangements. We provide effective policy and strategy analysis, institutional development, and capacity building to decision and policy makers. OneWorld develops innovative finance solutions for complex multi-stakeholder situations.

OneWorld has cultivated strong relationships across the public and private sectors. We work extensively with national and local governments, international and multilateral agencies, development banks, regional economic communities, river basin organisations, and the private sector. Stakeholder engagement is a cornerstone of our approach. Central to our successful delivery is an extensive network of partners and experts.

OneWorld’s core competency lies in applying a political economy approach, systems thinking, integrated solutions, participatory analysis, and co-benefit assessments across our four key programmes: Climate Change, Natural Resources, Green Transitions, and Urban resilience.

Man paddling on mokoro canoe on a river in the Okavango Delta in front of village in Botswana

Our Approach

Our approach to our work derives from our values and the core skills we have developed:

  • Responsive and intuitive capacity building
  • Advancing adaptive capacity to climate change
  • Advocating participatory analysis and partnerships
  • Mobilising policy to interface with science and implementation
  • Tracking of, and alignment to, global and continental trends
  • Aligning public and private sector needs and capabilities
  • Integrating climate change with country-specific development goals
  • Assimilating climate finance into development finance prerogatives
  • Matching needs to resources, beneficiaries to benefactors
  • Managing for change at regional and transboundary levels
  • Working programmatically and using lessons learned to build on our experiences

These core skills find expression in how we develop and communicate our thinking, and how we translate our ideas into successful projects.

How We Work

OneWorld’s comprehensive project experience and production of high-quality disciplinary research and technical advisory services strategically positions the firm to provide relevant and effectual support to decision and policymakers.

This, along with substantial experience in programme coordination, management, and strategy development, allows the OneWorld team to provide tailored technical advice and support to its clients.

We have developed clear and effective methodologies for socio-economic development and climate impact assessments, as well as depth of experience in stakeholder processes, including expertise in organising, managing and facilitating these.

This has been gained through many years of working on projects across sub-Saharan Africa that have had a strong focus on participatory analysis and high-level stakeholder engagement. The variety of projects that OneWorld has undertaken, particularly in southern Africa, attests to that.

Photo overlooking African city centre, shrouded in fog, clouds or smog. Demonstrates environmental challenges.

Our Areas of Focus

Photo of river valley in Lesotho, showing signs of severe erosion, demonstrating impacts of climate change

Climate Change

Building and applying evidence of climate impacts for development, people and economies to inform inclusive policy strategies and financing solutions

Valuing Resources

Advancing governance and sustainable financing for water, land-use, and biodiversity resource development across administrative and political boundaries.

Waterfall at sunset, dam overflow, showing importance of natral resource management
photo of view up an African city street at sunset - showing signs of infrastructure deterioration, public transport and economic activity

Urban Resilience

Facilitating sustainable urban densification, mobility and municipal governance reform for inclusive cities that secure development gains and enhance the lives of all citizens.

Green Transitions

Envisioning just transitions and transformational pathways for mobilising green and low carbon societies where all benefit from the gains.

Photo of view up a eco-building, covered in greenary and displaying environmentally friendly design
Sunset over major African river basin

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