17 November 2016
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Belynda Petrie has 17 years’ experience in international development, climate change, water and energy. This follows 12 years’ experience in the corporate world of organisational design, human resource management and corporate strategy development. She has depth of experience in water governance and in climate finance, having designed climate investment strategies for renewable energy and climate adaptation projects across Africa. Belynda is an author of numerous research papers, policy briefs, reports, strategies, books and peer reviewed articles in the fields of water, energy and climate change/finance and is a frequent invited speaker at international conferences. She led a team that provided strategic, technical and logistical support (in effect a Secretariat) to the Africa Group of Negotiators (AGN), with a specific focus on climate finance, adaptation and negotiation strategies. She led a project for UNDP on assessing climate finance readiness across Africa, based on six African country case studies and has developed an Investment Strategy for building resilience in the Limpopo River Basin (spanning four Southern African countries). She regularly serves as a policy and technical advisor to African Governments and pan African institutions and has led a range of related capacity building and skills and knowledge transfer initiatives. Participatory analysis, with targeted stakeholders is an approach that underpins almost every project that Ms Petrie leads or designs.

Ms Petrie is well versed with the UNFCCC climate finance mechanisms and negotiations as well as with climate adaptation strategies and investments in Africa. She regularly reviews and analyses the negotiation positions of Parties to the UNFCCC and has also supported the negotiations approach of the AGN for other market and non-market based mechanisms. She has significant experience in supporting the AGN in determining its common position on the future of the CDM, on finance for adaptation, on progressing the Loss and Damage Mechanism and in identifying long term sources of finance for climate change, that is predictable, accessible, adequate and additional. She has also contributed to, and evaluated Payment for Ecosystem Service models in South Africa and has considerable experience in financing renewable energy (RE) projects, including on the South African RE Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (RE I4P) as well as on community based investment models for RE I4P generated community finance. In addition, she has developed two CDM projects in South Africa and has built the capacity of a number of private sector commercial banks and organisations on the mechanics of the CDM and potential for financing their mitigation projects, such as co-generation and biomass production. She is currently working with the South African Local Government Authority (SALGA) on developing financing mechanisms for RE projects at the municipal level, i.e. adapting RE I4P for local government participation in RE in South Africa. She has led more than 30 large and medium sized projects and programmes in Africa, with multidisciplinary teams across different geographical locations.

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