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Our projects

As an authority in the field, OneWorld applies a development lens to addressing climate change in all we do. We understand local problems and use local knowledge to find optimum solutions to complex issues. As an African consultancy, we realise the importance of sustained stakeholder engagement in any successful project – and the necessity of local ownership. Our outputs stand up to academic scrutiny and we are recognised as regional leaders in the field of climate change. 

With our focus on the interface between science, policy and finance, OneWorld has developed skills and experience in translating the overwhelming evidence base of climate change and impact into realistic policy and institutional arrangements.

Our work spans four areas of expertise: Water Governance, Climate-Smart Finance, Climate & Development Futures, and Inclusive Green Growth & Energy. 

Featured projects

Climate Change

Building and applying evidence of climate impacts for development, people and economies to inform inclusive policy strategies and financing solutions.

Valuing Resources

natural resources programmatic area icon
Advancing governance and sustainable financing for water, land-use, and biodiversity resource development across administrative and political boundaries

Urban Resilience

Urban resilience projects

Green Transitions

Envisioning just transitions and transformational pathways for mobilising green and low carbon societies where all benefit from the gains.