Management of Adaptation Benefit Mechanism (ABM) Roster of Experts

The Climate Change and Green Growth Department (PECG) of the AFDB’s climate finance division is responsible for identifying, designing, and implementing environmental and mitigation programmes and projects. One of these projects has been to develop the Adaption Benefit Mechanism (ABM), which is a mechanism for mobilising new public and private sector finance for African climate change adaptation projects. This is achieved by providing certificates for the adaptation benefits of projects, which guarantees the credibility of adaptation activities and increases the project’s attractiveness to potential investors.

The ABM is using a roster of experts to provide support on ABM methodology panels. OneWorld has been contracted by the AfDB to assist in processing experts’ applications to join the roster. OneWorld is responsible for screening applications and recommending qualified experts to join the roster, developing a database of experts according to their area of expertise, and processing contracts for the experts. Once experts are contracted, OneWorld is responsible for liaising with them to confirm availability and hours worked, and processing their payments from the ABM.

Project Data

Client: African Development Bank (AFDB)

Project duration: December 2020 – June 2021

Region: Africa-wide