Coastal and Environmental Services, contracted to Chris Hani District Municipality

The Eastern Cape Provincial Government and the Chris Hani District Municipality identified Agriculture, Rural Development and Food Security as their highest priority in line with national policy. These sectors, being land- and resource-based are the most exposed to current climate variability and climate change.

Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) is a predominantly rural district with over 70% of its households residing in rural areas but living in villages. In spite of GDP growth, high levels of unemployment (57%) and poverty persist.

The District has an adopted integrated environmental management plan (EMP) to guide its interventions and functions with regard to the environment and conservation. However, due to the numerous challenges in this area – particularly financial constraints, implementation is limited.

OneWorld was contracted in order to develop a climate change response strategy and action plan framework for CHDM in order to improve the area’s resilience in the agriculture, rural livelihoods and food security.

OneWorld surveyed National Policy Frameworks and Programmes, Eastern Cape Development Policy Framework, Eastern Cape Agriculture and Rural Development Policy Framework, and the Chris Hani District Municipality plans, and analysed implications for CHDM Climate Change Response Framework. Through the application of cross-sectoral integration, high quality data, and links between climate, farming and poverty, OneWorld was able to describe climate change impacts and possible responses, as well as areas for increasing community involvement and opportunities for improving agricultural production.

Project Data


Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)


Chris Hani District Municipality, South Africa


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