Study on Sustainable Low-Income Energy Services for Cape Town

The City of Cape Town (CCT) is carrying out an Energy Optimisation study aiming to bring the City’s energy services business model up to date with current trends and technological changes in the energy sector. OneWorld is the technical lead of a study component aimed at deepening CCT’s understanding of the costs and benefits of low-income household (LIHH) energy services, with a view to optimising service delivery models for LIHHs.  This project is taking place within a consortium led by SAFEGE/Suez Consulting.

The CCT is clear on the need to take a developmental approach to the provision of energy services to LIHHs and considers socioeconomic and not only technical and financial sustainability implications. This approach is central to implementing the City’s Low-Income Energy Service Delivery Programme, which is focused on optimising delivery models for LIHHs.

The OneWorld-led team is providing support to the City in answering the following research question: What is the model which delivers the best possible energy services which are sustainable, affordable (for both the City, the consumers and Eskom [all parties]), safe, clean; offers choice and flexibility and supports inclusivity?

The study has three main outputs, which will support the City’s decision-making with regards to LIHH energy services:

  • Extensive analysis of the financial and economic cost of optimal energy service options to enable CCT to compare with current practices, in order to adapt its approach to the varied nature of a low-income customer base.
  • Advanced understanding of who bears the cost of different energy service options, between the City, and the consumers, and of the sustainability of these approaches into the future.
  • A comprehensive energy services approach that meets service delivery mandates, supports local economic development, and promotes quality of life, and health and inclusivity.

Project Data

Partners/FunderSAFEGE/SUEZ Consulting, funded by the French Development Agency (AFD)

Region: City of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Project duration: August 2018 – August 2019


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