‘Cities Fit for Climate Change project (CFCC)’: Study on the situation of urban climate finance in the partner countries and cities (2016-2017)

‘Cities Fit for Climate Change’ is a global GIZ project, partnering with India, Chile and South Africa in supporting cities towards a low-carbon, climate-proof urban development model. The current study aims to comprehensively assess urban climate finance in the three partner countries, focussing on the cities of Durban, Chennai and Santiago de Chile, with OW carrying out the work in Durban, South Africa. The study will produce recommendations aimed at improving municipal access to climate finance for climate related work, and improving integration of climate change into local planning. The study’s results will feed into national levels. OneWorld’s work includes a desktop study and interviews with key experts. OneWorld is currently finalising a case study on eThekwini Municipality (Durban) to i) assess urban climate finance readiness for accessing the GCF; ii) building capacities to develop bankable projects that meet GCF criteria within the municipality; and, iii) making recommendations for institutional strengthening for climate and development. In 2017, OneWorld will conduct further training in the municipality and will contribute to the project’s synthesis analysis, noting that GIZ is a recently accredited GCF multinational implementing entity.

Project Data

Client : GIZ for BMUB

Region : South Africa, India and Chile

Project Duration : November 2016 – April 2017


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