Client: Dept. Of Foreign Affairs; National Treasury, South Africa, funded by Government of Flanders

The Governments of Flanders and South Africa (SA) agreed that the Country Programme for SA would be 100% applicable for climate finance, focusing on climate change, the green economy and job creation, thus the themes for the next 5-year Country Strategy Papers (CSP-III) 2017-2021. OneWorld was appointed to deliver a Theory of Change and strategy for CSP-III, in answer to the question: are there opportunities for job creation through social entrepreneurship in a climate-responsive green economy? Climate finance is at the heart of CSP-III and thus clarifying the arguments for climate finance being additional to development was a central project component. OneWorld delivered a Theory of Change (ToC) and strategy for a 100% climate finance programme through expert and participatory analysis, using stakeholder-facilitated critical thinking exercises aimed at identifying plausible and desired pathways for change resultant to financial support to the Government of Flanders.

Close alignment with the SA inclusive development, climate change and green economy agenda was sought. The agreed objective is that CSP-III will support South Africa’s transition to a climate-responsive, inclusive green economy as a means of overcoming the country’s triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. It will do this by promoting employment through the implementation of national climate change adaptation responses that are transformative in nature. The corresponding, overarching Theory of Change for CSP-III is: By promoting employment through implementing transformative climate adaptation (CA), South Africa’s transition to an inclusive green economy (GE) will be accelerated, more jobs and enterprises will be created and common understanding of a climate adaptive green economy will be established.

In addition to drawing on its depth of climate finance expertise, OneWorld drew on its climate change and adaptation experience and national scenarios and strategies, identifying ecosystems and the essential and critical services they yield, particularly water, as the focus areas for CSP-III, particularly in climate stressed geographies and systems in SA.


Final Report: A Theory of Change for Country Strategy Paper II (2017-2021) between the Government of Flanders and the Government of the Republic of South Africa

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September to October 2016
Practitioners’ Dialogue on Climate Investments (PDCI)
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