OneWorld was contracted by a South African social justice Not-for-Profit organisation to provide a neutral, objective analysis of the status and necessity for the proposed, large-scale Nuclear Energy investment programme for South Africa, in order to inform the NPO’s investment strategy going forward. The OneWorld team, led by Ms Petrie, carried out a literature review, interviewed a broad range of key experts in the energy sector locally and internationally and conducted a full energy sector and associated risk analysis.  The resultant Discussion Document and Summary Report outlined the current debates around the need for, and future costs of Nuclear Energy in South Africa (and emerging consensus if any), regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Nuclear Energy in the short, medium and long term. The paper reviewed issues of cost and affordability in the envisaged future economic climate of South Africa, within the context of the key triple challenges facing South Africa, of inequity, poverty and unemployment, and a need for investment in the energy sector.


Discussion paper
Summary Report

Project Data


Soul City Institute NPC


South Africa


December 2016 – February 2017
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