Development of Capacities for Green Climate Fund Project Development

A major barrier that Direct Access Entities (DAE) in Africa face in accessing the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is developing successful or ‘bankable’ project proposals.

With the aim of addressing this gap, OneWorld was contracted to build on previous and ongoing work by the GCF, the African Development Bank, the global community of practice of DAEs and other partners to develop a Training of Trainers programme on bankable project development for African beneficiaries.

OneWorld made use of a blended learning approach to target key staff of DAEs and local and regional consultants or NGOs that are providing support to African DAEs on GCF project development, with the aim of building a pool of expertise within Africa that African DAEs, the GCF, the Bank, and other readiness providers can draw on in supporting African institutions to scale up direct access to the GCF.

Under this project, OneWorld conducted a training needs assessment and then developed 5 informational and training modules on GCF project development – in three languages –  for delivery through an online platform. This was integrated with live training sessions on Zoom with the trainers themselves. The qualifying trainers were certified following examinations. Finally, a collection of lessons learned throughout the project was developed for the Bank and the GCF.

Project Data

Funder: African Development Bank, Climate Change and Green Growth Department

Project duration: April 2020 – February 2021

Region: Africa

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