Capacity Building on a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) Tool and Development of National Climate RVA for the South African Health Sector

Climate change and health are intertwined, with climate and health resilience often manifesting through the efficacy and accessibility of public health systems. With the increasing impacts of climate change and climate variability being felt globally, not least in South Africa, assessing the health sector’s risk and vulnerability (R&V) to climate change becomes more urgent, in order to inform and strengthen a range of health department programmes and activities.

This assignment builds on previous work carried out in scoping, and development of the Climate Change and Health Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CCHRVA or HRVA) tool, and it aims to undertake an HRVA for the health sector across the country.

The assignment will take place over two phases, with work in Phase I focussed on reviewing and updating the HRVA tool, to make it more user-friendly and targeted in a manner that will support the needs of the users. Phase 2 will focus on undertaking an HRVA for the Health Sector. Participatory analysis (in both phases) will support the refinement, development and completion of the tool, with training workshops to be carried out in key geographic areas that are representative of 52 districts, that will in addition, capacitate key stakeholders in use of the tool.

Rigorous data collection and management will support the development of the HRVA, with other elements of the strategy to deliver this assignment being climate scenario development; participatory and capacity development; co-research, analysis and tool update; and synthesis analysis.

Project Data

Client: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Project duration: June – 15 December

Region: South Africa (9 provinces)

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