Climate change poses a number of risks to the SADC region such as increased frequency of floods, cyclones, and droughts. Most of the impacts of climate change are felt through its effect on water security. However, not enough attention has been given to water security as a means of building climate resilience and green economy. Only recently, water issues are being discussed in global climate change platforms.

In this assignment, OneWorld was tasked with identifying key entry points in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) mechanism for water-related issues in the SADC region and training the SADC negotiators on these key issues to strengthen their position and voice in the UNFCCC process. Training for better understanding of these issues is critical for the SADC Member States to better communicate and negotiate on these issues globally in order to influence the global agenda setting.

OneWorld focused on key-water issues and entry points under three key themes of building resilience and addressing loss and damage, climate finance (in adaptation) and the blue economy and nature-based solutions (NbS). OneWorld identified strategic entry points and trained SADC Negotiators on these issues to present at global forum

OneWorld also carried out capacity development activities, such as preparing training material for a regional training on water and climate change in the SADC region for climate negotiators as the main target group with major focus on key water issues for the region and on the UNFCCC mechanisms and climate negotiation tracks. OneWorld also facilitated sessions on the main focus areas at a Regional Training Workshop(dialogue) on water and climate change in the SADC region.

Project Data


Global Water Partnership - Southern Africa (GWP-SA)


Southern African Development Community


September 2021-April 2022
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