In July 2003 the BCRM (Blue Crane Route Municipality) applied to the IDC for the establishment of a development agency to fulfil the role of local economic development, with the emphasis on the development of mega projects. The application was approved in February 2004 and the agency was then established. The Blue Crane Development Agency (BCDA) has since identified numerous projects as part of an initiative to generate employment and stimulate tourism and business development in the Somerset East area.

OneWorld worked with the Blue Crane Development Agency (BCDA) over this period, with a view to establishing alternate energy initiatives in an area where resources are available, and job and industry creation is necessary. The lack of energy supply has hampered development but the aim is for the area to become as energy-independent as possible.

The primary aim of the research was the development of an integrated energy development strategy and action plan for the region. OneWorld, with our established working relationship with the BCDA, commenced a pre-feasibility on the biodiesel potential in the region with BCDA’s involvement and has introduced the concept and project to the BCDA. The BCDA proceeded with a full feasibility study of a biodiesel project in their region.

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Blue Crane Route Municipality and the Blue Crane Development Agency


Eastern Cape, South Africa


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