Whilst the African Group of Negotiators have been able to meaningfully contribute to international climate change negotiations, other African voices, particularly non-Party stakeholders, have been more muted. Input from these stakeholder groups is necessary, both to enhance Africa’s position as a bloc within the UNFCCC processes and negotiations, but also to strengthen the ambition, relevance and effectiveness of nationally determined communications (NDCs).

OneWorld as team lead, with Climate Legal and Skultcha, delivered the project across four expected outcomes, namely: (i) identification of relevant African non-Party stakeholders; (ii) development of a suitable exchange platform for participants; (iii) design of capacity building and training materials; and (iv) design of a public outreach campaign. From the outset the project team aimed to develop a sense of co-ownership with the stakeholders in this process.

The project team built on what already exists at national and regional levels, to consolidate existing processes and engagement and support sustainability of the impacts, outcomes and outputs beyond the life of this project.

Following COP26, the OneWorld team consolidated feedback and reflections from the COP and delivered these to stakeholders through a post-COP 26 workshop and report.

Project Data


Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS)




July 2021 – December 2021
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