Knowledge, Evaluation and Learning Partner for the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR)

The economies and infrastructure of developing nations are the most vulnerable to climate change and the developed world has a responsibility to help these nations to adapt to climate change. The Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) is a 1.2-billion-dollar programme that supports climate-vulnerable nations to develop resilience to climate change. Most PPCR projects do this by helping countries to integrate climate change into their national development plans.

In 2017, a OneWorld/OPM team designed a global learning platform for the PPCR. The platform was designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between participants of different PPCR projects in order to highlight effective approaches to building climate resilience.

The objective of the PPCR Learning Partner was to facilitate global co-learning and lesson-sharing from PPCR projects, amongst the PPCR stakeholders or Community of Practice (COP). This co-learning aimed to support identification of effective approaches to building climate resilience amongst PPCR practitioners. The assignment complements other ongoing and planned activities that support the implementation of the Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Evaluation & Learning Business Case.

The OW team was responsible for setting up learning networks and exchanges and designing evidence-based learning strategies, and was also responsible for facilitation, and team and relationship building. Central to the project were: evaluating climate change adaptation and resilience, adaptation finance and CIF projects in terms of their contribution to PPCR’s adaptation and resilience building efforts and their knowledge exchange potential.

As part of this process, the team set up a Facebook group as a pilot for online shared learning, which can be accessed here OneWorld was also responsible for event facilitation and relationship building and took part in various PPCR global learning events .

OneWorld also developed a set of indicators to monitor the learning process as it took place, making use of the PPCR online platform to gather data.


Working with the CIF team, PPCR pilot countries and other groups, the project team developed the ‘Knowledge for Resilience’ series, which includes country case studies, policy briefs and infographics.

Microfinance for Climate Adaptation: from readiness to Resilience: research brief

Climate Resilient Community Water Systems Infographic

Case Studies: 

Project Data


World Bank




2017 – 2018
Sunset over the Zambezi RiverLandscape Vulnerability Assessment & Decision Support Framework, Zambia
Pathways to a Just Transition in South Africa