Majeng Communal Property Association (MCPA) on behalf of the Regional Land Claims Commission: Free State and Northern Cape

The Majeng community comprises approximately 800 families, many of whom are currently resident at Kgomotso, some 60 kilometers north of Majeng, in the North West Province. The community was forcibly evicted from Majeng over the period between 1962 and 1975 and were moved to Vaalboschoek and then to Kgomotso (Dept. of Land Affairs, 1997). In 1996 some of the community returned to reoccupy their original land illegally and soon thereafter, instituted a community land claim through the formal land restitution process. An order of the Land Claims Court restored their ownership of approximately 10,200 hectares of land at Majeng in 2002. The land lies in the Magareng Local Municipality in the Frances Baard District Municipality. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform is now facilitating the development of the business and land use plan described in this report, for the community of Majeng.

OneWorld was commissioned to develop an integrated development and business plan for the community of Majeng and to build the associated capacity within the community and its structures. This community had been forcibly removed from the Majeng farms and subsequently (after decades) awarded the rights to the farms following a ten-year land claims case. This work was the first phase of a multiple phase project, and this phase would deliver a developmental framework of the area. The Majeng Restitution Project (MRP) entailed conducting of a socio-economic survey of the land claimants, which involved an extensive stakeholder engagement process. The OneWorld team successfully unpacked and aligned relationships in the process of delivering a product fully owned by the beneficiary community. In total, there were forty five engagements with stakeholders – nine project steering committee meetings, eight site visits and five community meetings.

OneWorld led the delivery of this project, supported by selected partners for expert technical input. The outcomes of the project were a stakeholder-validated, integrated development and business plan, including particular consideration to women’s inputs, as well as empowerment in the community and its leadership, as well as a report on Mining Possibilities, land-use and an EIA scoping report.


Majeng Integrated Development Planning: Business Plan

Project Data


Majeng Communal Property Association (MCPA)


North West Province, South Africa


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