Environmental Awareness, sustainability and green practices training in IRM businesses

As part of the Installation, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) Initiative, NBI together with the government and private sector are embarking on training of TVET students to expand their opportunities to embark on artisanal learning and employment pathways. The Initiative is a demand-led skills training space delivered through a public TVET College and workplace learning, delivered through blended learning approaches and aligned to entry level employment positions in artisanal businesses to enable wide reach and maximum opportunity for learners.

OneWorld was appointed as the course coordinator and training institute. OneWorld was responsible for developing the training material that will be presented to the students, focusing particularly on environmental awareness and sustainable green practices. OneWorld was also responsible for facilitating the training virtually. The training was aimed to provide attending students with the knowledge, tools and capacity to grow their businesses in a sustainable manner.

Project Data

Client: National Business Initiative (NBI)

Project duration: June – July 2022

Region: South Africa