Pathways to a Just Transition in South Africa

This project builds towards realisation of the proposals in Chapter Five of South Africa’s National Development Plan: Vision 2030, which address environmental sustainability and the equitable transition to a low-carbon economy.

The project is facilitating a social partner dialogue and stakeholder engagement process across South African society, with a view to concluding a social compact between the four social partners: government, labour, civil society and business.
This process should provide concrete options for a just and equitable future for South Africa, that is low-carbon and climate-resilient. OneWorld is carrying out this project in association with Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA).

The objective is that the social compact will set out agreed actions for, and participation in, a just transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient society. This is underpinned by a co-created and agreed vision for such a society, placing at the centre the National Development Plan’s imperative to address poverty and inequality.

This project entails a facilitated consensus-building process which will be underpinned and backed up by conversation, demand-driven information, and broad research and scenarios, as the process evolves through the social partner dialogues.

The approach will draw on current trends and research, but will focus on a guided conversation, considering what the end state and vision will be for 2050.

NPC Just Transition Process social partner meeting

Project Data

Department of Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation in association with the National Planning Commission, Government of South Africa

Region: South Africa

Project duration: 2017 – 2019