Climate Finance Readiness in Eastern & Southern Africa

Developing nations in Africa are considered especially vulnerable to climate change, with poorer, communities at high risk. In order to climate-proof their economies and resources it is vital that these nations have access to outside climate funding. Unfortunately, accessing global climate funding can be difficult and requires human resources that developing nations cannot always spare, given the many other challenges that they face.

Six Studies of African Countries

In light of these challenges, OneWord was commissioned to carry out studies of six countries in the eastern and southern regions of Africa in 2013. The chosen countries were Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia and Lesotho. The studies aimed to improve the ability of African countries to access outside funding for climate change.

The studies included

  • In-depth analysis of the threats posed by climate change,
  • A review of government policies and strategies of each country
  • Consultations with experts and stakeholders in each country

The country studies informed an analysis of global climate funding, and the common challenges African countries face in accessing it. The team identified a set of indicators that measure a country’s ability to access climate finance, and presented key recommendations to allow countries to overcome the most difficult obstacles to accessing global climate funding.

The project also established a shared learning platform designed to allow case-study countries to share experiences and work together to identify solutions in the future.