It is evident that a number of important links need to be made to facilitate the emergence of sustainable entrepreneurs in renewable energy in South Africa. A successful emerging group should stimulate the interest and emergence of other entrepreneurs in the field. It is imperative that a group of entrepreneurs is formalised and that this association is capacitated effectively to drive and to stimulate opportunity, learn from each other, have an industry and policy development voice and to leverage finance.

The Integrated Southern Africa Business Advisory (INSABA) aimed at establishing a business advisory network for renewable energy in Southern Africa. The overall goal was to identify and develop solutions for productive energy use.

This project is part of the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme and aims at building capacity in the productive use of renewable energies. The project included four European countries and four partner countries in southern Africa: South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. It was part of the Intelligent Energy–Europe Programme.

OneWorld’s role is that of facilitator, fundraising and project finance structuring. We have considerable experience in writing business plans and have developed strong skills and knowledge base in the RE and energy environment in South and southern Africa. Many of the initiatives in RE come to our attention and most request our assistance.

OneWorld, and its co-subcontractors played the role of identifying entrepreneurs, supporting them in developing their business plans, conducting their feasibility studies and conducting pilots in reaching the project goals. The work further entails identifying business opportunities, doing feasibility and market analyses, energy finance and project development. Capacity development is at the heart of this project.


Getting it right – Planning for Business Success: practical business planning toolkit

Project Data


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)


2005 - 2008


Southern Africa
Energy Business Plan Development, Tsumkwe, Namibia
Energy Alternatives for Fiji