Facilitation of the SADC Multi-Stakeholder Water Dialogues

The SADC Multi-stakeholder Water Dialogue is an annual activity which originated through the IWRM Awareness Creation Component of the SADC–DANIDA Regional Water Sector Programme in the SADC Regional Strategic Action Plan of the SADC Water Division in the Directorate of Infrastructure Services. Under the theme Watering Development in the SADC Region, the SADC Water Dialogue mobilises different stakeholders to share experiences in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

OneWorld, through the RCCP, co-facilitated the second, third and fourth Multi-stakeholder Dialogue hosted by SADC Water Division. As a result, building climate resilience in the SADC region, through Water sector-related initiatives, is a stated policy objective in the region. The SADC Multistakeholder Water Dialogue brings together water managers, agronomists, scientists and researchers, representatives of industry, cooperating partners and others to consider the theme "Watering Development in SADC” and related issues.

Project Data

Client: Government Department for International Development (DFID) (As part of RCCP)

Project duration: 2008-2009


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