Building Resilience to Climate Change in South Africa’s cities

OneWorld has been appointed by GIZ South Africa to support the Department of Environmental Affairs in evolving their Cities Preparedness for Resilience Programme. This study is concerned with developing a resilience assessment tool and resilience indicator framework for cities and their supporting institutions to regularly monitor and evaluate city-level progress toward achieving urban resilience, and to develop, against this, an investment plan for building resilience in South African cities. Central to this project’s delivery is the development of a robust resilience indicator framework that is tested, and thus validated, by 15 pilot cities (eight metropolitan municipalities and seven secondary cities) in South Africa.

In doing so, this project will build a strong link between climate change resilience, socio-economic development, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and infrastructure provision and access. It will also be critical in the replication of tested models of cities’ resilience. The assessment tool will provide evidence to define the future steps to be taken, through the development of an implementation framework, especially in terms of investment into climate change adaptation and resilience at the municipal level. The identification of areas of collaboration between DEA and foreign development agencies, based on cities’ resilience needs, will support the development of a programmatic investment framework, specifically oriented to possible foreign aid investments.

OneWorld is carrying out this project with subconsultants from CNdV Africa, and Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA).

Project Data

Partners/Funder: Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa/ GIZ
Region: South African cities
Project duration: August 2018 – May 2019