The United Republic of Tanzania (URT) is one of the largest countries in East Africa and comprises Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. Recent studies have reported that Tanzania is the 26th most vulnerable country to climate change issues such as rising temperatures, longer dry spells, more intense heavy rainfall, and rising sea levels. With an ever-growing population, it is anticipated that the demand for resources and infrastructure, coupled with socio-economic pressures will be closely linked to an increase in the country’s vulnerability to the risk and impacts of climate change impacts. To deal with climate change, the United Republic Government of Tanzania has enacted several foundational policies, acts, and initiatives to address climate change impacts and support the development of a National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process.

This project contributes towards outcome two (strengthening the evidence base and designing adaptation solutions) for the government project “Integrating climate change adaptation into Tanzania’s planning processes – UNDP-GCF/TZN-RS-002” (2022–2024). The objective of the project is to develop capacity-building tools to enable stakeholders to review and conduct climate change vulnerability assessment (CVA) within the selected sectors; drawing out recommendations on priority solutions that address the challenges.

OneWorld, in collaboration with the Zanzibar Research Centre for Socio-Economic and Policy Analysis (ZRCP), has been commissioned to prepare the Study on Tanzania’s Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment, on behalf of the Vice President’s Office, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania as well as the First Vice President Office, the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.

This study seeks to explore the climate vulnerability of Tanzania and Zanzibar across nine sectors: Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Coastal and Marine, Water, Health, Tourism, Wildlife, and Infrastructure and Human settlements. Specifically, OneWorld is responsible for conducting a climate change vulnerability assessment (CVA) for Tanzania and Zanzibar and managing stakeholder engagements and consultation for the gathering and validation of CVA data. OneWorld is leading in-depth analysis, supplying GIS mapping, desk research and development of CVA capacity-building tools.

Project Data


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


Tanzania and Zanzibar


June 2023 to April 2024
Updating the Health National Adaptation and Mitigation Plan to Climate Change in Tanzania
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