The UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme (TLP) aims to build the capacity of TVET leaders and professionals from around the world, as well as support them to become successful and effective agents of change in their institutions and beyond. The 2023 TLP focused on the topic ‘Managing change through transformative leadership’, closely aligned with UNESCO’s strategy 2022-2029: Transforming Technical and Vocational Education and Training for successful and just transitions.  The priorities of the Strategy are: (1) Skills for individuals to learn, work and live; (2) Skills for economies to transition towards sustainable development; and (3) Skills for inclusive and resilient societies. The UNESCO Strategy provides the institutional policy framework for the training.

The 2023 programme sought to address the need for TVET systems and institutions to anticipate changing labour market requirements, adapt to the impact of global developments within their national socio-economic contexts and policy frameworks, and contribute to building peaceful and inclusive societies. The 2023 programme targeted mid- to senior-level TVET managers, leaders and professionals from UNEVOC Centres and other TVET institutions. It was designed to build the capacities of participants as agents of change in their national and local environments and enable participants to embed the global strategy in their immediate and surrounding environments. Through this programme, TVET leaders will make progress towards establishing/strengthening their: i) vision for change; ii) knowledge for change; and iii) skills for change.

OneWorld was contracted to develop and adapt a training facilitation approach to support active learning and deeper knowledge sharing on the learning resources developed for the 2023 TLP. OneWorld facilitated and moderated the webinars and facilitated interactive and reflective learning activities. The webinars were supported by online training materials (modules), co-developed by OneWorld. The materials were made available to participants one week ahead of each webinar. Articulate Rise was the authoring tool used to create interactive online learning materials. Over 90 participants completed the course, representing 5 global regions, and on average received high marks for the course.

Project Data


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)




October – December 2023
Stone Town, Zanzibar, TanzaniaConducting sectoral climate change vulnerability assessments for Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar
Identification, Assessment and Redesign of Subsidies with Negative Impacts on Biodiversity in Rwanda