The UNESCO-UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme aims to build the capacity of TVET leaders and professionals from around the world and support them to become successful and effective agents of change in their institutions and beyond. The 2022 TLP edition’s programme focused on the topic, ‘Re-thinking TVET systems and programmes to anticipate demand, adapt and take action for a just and green transition.’ The programme targeted mid-to senior-level TVET managers, leaders and professionals from UNEVOC Centres and other TVET institutions that are responsible for formulating strategies and policies and leading change and decision-making processes at the institutional level. Successful participation in the programme was expected to support participants in generating new knowledge, improving their understanding of their responsibilities and priorities, and enabling them to adapt their skills development approaches and orient their actions for the green transition.

OneWorld facilitated three of the four live webinars for the TVET leadership programme. The webinars were designed to supplement self-paced learning and provide an interactive space for participants to engage with subject matter experts, peers and facilitators. Facilitation of these webinars incorporated tasks and activities for knowledge sharing, peer learning, access to expert advice, case study learning and action planning. OneWorld also contributed additional learning resources.

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Developing a State of the Marine Environment Report (SOMER) of the Benguela current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME)
map of Breede-Berg Catchment area Strategic Water Source Areas - cropsMid Term Review of the DBSA/SANBI GEF Project: ‘Unlocking Biodiversity Benefits Through Development Finance in Critical Catchments'