Climate change, energy access and environmental degradation are equity issues, with children and young people often being the most vulnerable and affected. Addressing climate change, energy access and environmental degradation is therefore vital for building a more sustainable future for children. In addition, it is imperative that we integrate these actions with our efforts to achieve the SDGs and our humanitarian responses.

South Africa is recognized as vulnerable to climate change impacts, ranked 92 out of 181 countries in the 2020 ND-GAIN Index. South Africa’s key economic sectors are highly vulnerable to climate variability and change, with climate change impacts already being experienced across the country. As urbanization rates grow, so do the challenges facing municipalities in terms of providing critical lifeline basic services and related infrastructure. These challenges are compounded by climate stressors, such as floods and droughts, which put additional pressure on basic service delivery and finances. Environmental degradation altered the quality and quantity of available water resources, and loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services constitute serious obstacles to the country’s continued development and poverty reduction efforts, increasing vulnerability, including impact on child health and development.

With this in mind, OneWorld produced a Climate, energy and environment landscape analysis for children (CLAC) for South Africa and provided direction and recommendations on how to improve the inclusion of climate, energy, and environment (CEE) actions into the country office (CO) programming. OneWorld collected, compiled, and reviewed key resources, gathered in-country information, and undertook a key-stakeholder analysis. In addition, OneWorld is working closely with the country office (CO) to identify and develop programming options and recommendations for the successful integration of CEE actions into the country programme cycle.

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South Africa


October 2022 – July 2023
map of Breede-Berg Catchment area Strategic Water Source Areas - cropsMid Term Review of the DBSA/SANBI GEF Project: ‘Unlocking Biodiversity Benefits Through Development Finance in Critical Catchments'
Development of an Africa-wide Groundwater Strategic Plan