Climate change, energy access, environmental degradation and natural disasters affect children and young people the most. Addressing these issues is therefore vital for building a more sustainable future for children. UNICEF’s partnerships, programmes and focus areas present opportunities to act on climate, energy and/or the environment to deliver more sustainable and child-inclusive results, and reduce their risk of disasters.

As such, UNICEF Ethiopia conducted a Climate Landscape Analysis for Children (CLAC), with a gender- and geography-disaggregated lens, by first examining the baseline situation of climate, energy, environment and disaster (CEED) issues affecting children and how they relate to UNICEF’s priorities. The analysis considered stakeholders, government policies and relevant programmes in UNICEF Ethiopia in order to identify priority areas and recommendations for further analysis and integration into UNICEF programming and strengthen its work on CEED-related issues in its country programme.

OneWorld has been commissioned to develop the required CLAC for the UNICEF Ethiopia Country Office. The project aims to understand Ethiopia’s CEED landscape in terms of data availability, existing law, policy and regulations, risks to children and potential benefits of climate actions. It will also consider any gaps or opportunities related to youth, children and child-sensitive approaches, to inform UNICEF’s ongoing and future partnerships and programmes in the country.

OneWorld collected, compiled and reviewed key resources, gathered in-country information, and undertook key-stakeholder analysis and consultations, including through field visits to targeted areas in the Oromia, Sidama and Somali regions. In addition, OneWorld worked closely with the country office management and technical staff in relevant sections within the country office to identify and develop programming options and recommendations for the integration of CEE issues in the country programme.

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