Climate change poses health risks and vulnerabilities to the people of Tanzania while exacerbating existing inequalities. In response to climate change and its impact on public health, the Tanzanian Ministry of Health (MoH) developed the Health National Adaptation Plan (H-NAP) to guide efforts in reducing the vulnerability of the country’s public health system to climate change impacts by enhancing adaptive capacity and resilience within the sector. In 2024, the plan requires a review and update, to ensure that adaptation and mitigation strategies and actions effectively address the rapidly changing environment.

Through the updated H-NAMP and by applying a climate lens, OneWorld will outline practical measures for the Tanzanian government, addressing facets within the health sector, namely: i) adaptation, i.e. systemic adjustments, and specifically targeting the increased burden of disease due to climate change impacts; ii) mitigation, particularly focusing on the reduction of sectoral carbon emissions; and iii) inequality, which underpins the developmental and socio-economic backdrop for the H-NAMP.

OneWorld will employ a mixed methods approach, including literature and document reviews, data analysis, and stakeholder engagement. We will analyse the current policy landscape, including the existing H-NAP; climate risks and vulnerabilities in the health sector; and carbon emissions generated by the health sector. We will take a partnership-based approach to developing the H-NAMP for 2024-2030, working with relevant health sector stakeholders from the government, health institutions, and the private sector to co-develop and co-validate solutions. The plan’s success is contingent on adequate financing, and OneWorld will identify opportunities and provide recommendations for the health sector to secure the required funding as part of this project.

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