In partnership with the OneWorld-implemented Regional Climate Change Programme (RCCP), the Global Water Partnership (GWP), on behalf of their Principal, the African Ministerial Council for Water (AMCOW), designed a Water Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) for Africa.

The objective of the Programme is to develop methodology and tools to assess adaptive capacity in southern Africa’s most vulnerable hotspots, focusing on WACDEP priority basins and countries, and to build capacity in key institutions to use these, with the ultimate aim of encouraging climate-resilient investments in the water sector, and its affected sectors, in Africa.

HR Wallingford developed a Strategic Framework and Technical Background document for WACDEP in order to guide the programme’s implementation. An Expert Group was established, with Belynda Petrie (OneWorld) as a member and co-chair, to continuously review and quality control the development of this framework.

The primary purpose of the Expert group was to ensure the most appropriate strategic direction, to maximize quality and to ensure relevance to the African continent.

OneWorld built on the RCCP Risk and Vulnerability mapping approach to assessing adaptive capacity through the identification of hotspots, and this further informed WACDEP’S selection of areas in this region to focus on. Other tools and validation mechanisms were included, such as using LK&P as one means of validating the R&V mapping results. The capacity-building component, central to the success of this work, was included from the outset.

The tools and methodology produced under WACDEP are usable elsewhere across Africa, providing a platform for replicability. OneWorld’s mandate included a comprehensive review of the Strategic Framework, extensive contribution to the overall programme design, participation to the Advisory Group, support and review for R&V assessments for specific countries and regions, evaluation of the WACDEP Capacity Building Programme for Africa, and ongoing design of the Economic Analysis process to be conducted in 8 WACDEP countries in Africa.

In 2017, OneWorld was contracted to carry out an evaluation of the WACDEP Africa 2011-2016. This included a review of projects, programme governance, monitoring and evaluation, and effectiveness and efficiency, of the programme. Broad stakeholder engagement and participatory analysis were used to validate the findings.


GWP WACDEP publications

Water Security and Climate Resilient Development: technical background document. 

Water Security and Climate Resilient Development: STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK.

Project Data


Global Water Partnership (GWP)




2011 - 2017
Development of the Ibhubesi Natural Gas project
Water & Climate Resilience in the Limpopo Basin