In response to the current and future challenges facing South Africa in general and the Western Cape in particular, OneWorld was commissioned to conduct a study on the impacts of climate change on the province, and to conduct a feasibility assessment on a range of adaptations to climate change in the region. Adaptations were assessed on their costs, benefits, impact, and a strategic set of actions was identified for each one.

The project required extensive stakeholder engagement and management, up-skilling of government officials and other stakeholders in climate change awareness and response options and the application of climate models and scenarios, coupled with strategic and socio-economic analysis.

The strategy was designed to minimise negative effects of climate variability and change, and to capitalise on potentially beneficial opportunities that may arise as a result.


 A Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan for the Western Cape, South Africa. Responding to the challenge of climate change and sustainable development in the Western Cape: Summary

Project Data


Western Cape Government


Western Cape, South Africa


2006 - 2008
1st to 4th Order Diagram showing climate impactesFacilitation of the SADC Multi-Stakeholder Water Dialogues
Map with Blue Crane Route Local Municipality highlighted in red.Improved Rural Livelihoods through Sustainable Energy Access (CHOICES)