Client : Government of Zambia: Ministry of National Development Planning, under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) and the World Bank Climate Investment Funds

This project falls under the second phase of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). This is in accordance with Zambia’s Strategic Program for Climate Resilience (SPCR) which has the objective of reducing vulnerability to climate change and improving the adaptive capacity of the most vulnerable parts of the country. A key strategic objective in Zambia’s SPPCR is to mainstream climate resilience into development planning, at various levels and across sectors.

Through this project, OneWorld supported the Zambian government with tools that will enable vulnerable sectors to screen their policies and plans for climate change risks. The tools include user-friendly climate change screening guidelines that can be applied in assessing climate change responsiveness of sector policies, plans and strategies. Their application will strengthen adaptive capacity within the most vulnerable – and economically important – sectors and enable the mainstreaming of climate change interventions. As part of capacity development and knowledge transfer during the screening guidelines formulation process, the tools were tested on three priority sectors through participatory processes including focus group discussions and workshops.

The conceptual framework underpinning the development of screening guidelines built on OneWorld’s previous experience conducting in-depth climate risk and vulnerability (R&V) assessments at sub catchment and district levels in many parts of Zambia. The policy screening procedure involves three primary processes:

(a) initial screening of a particular policy to assess the broader regulatory and legal context of the policy, and to identify interlinkages between different levels of policy;

(b) applying the screening tool, which involves a technical assessment incorporating the overarching climate change policy framework and R&V assessments; and

(c) a climate change responsiveness assessment of the policy which determines the degree of integration and alignment of the policy with key components of the screening tool (i.e. climate change policy framework and R&V assessments).

OneWorld’s Role

  • Undertaking a situational analysis on sector policies, plans and strategies
  • Developing screening guidelines for mainstreaming climate resilience into sector policies
  • Focus Group Discussions and sector workshops to test and validate the tool and guidelines
  • Developing a user guide for the use of the tool
  • Conducting a Training of Trainers for application and wider dissemination of the screening guidelines
  • Facilitating stakeholder workshops for disseminating the screening guidelines as part of stakeholder engagement
  • Testing the screening guidelines by undertaking a screening process on three priority sector policies.

Climate Mainstreaming:  Policy Screening Guidelines and Monitoring & Evaluation  Plan

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