OneWorld climate resilience project in Zambia wins award

7 July, 2021

A climate resilience project in Zambia to which OneWorld contributed, Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Sub Basin project (SCRiKA), recently won the Water ChangeMaker People’s Choice Award–Africa, organised by the Netherlands government and Global Water Partnership (GWP).

By June 2020, the SCRiKA project had benefitted around 30,000 poor households in the Kafue Sub Basin, that depend on rain-fed agriculture and natural resources to sustain their livelihoods. SCRiKA falls under the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience in Zambia, which is supported by the African Development Bank and the Climate Investment Funds in the World Bank.

Under the SCRiKA project, through the Zambian Ministry for Finance and Development, OneWorld’s work included conducting a risk and vulnerability assessment to climate change, identifying water as the stress multiplier in the Kafue Sub-Basin of the Zambezi. Using the outcomes of this assessment, the project team carried out legal and institutional training for government officials, NGOs and the private sector, accompanied by a training manual; and developed bankable projects to build climate resilience and mainstream climate change into local, provincial and national development plans.

One concept note developed focussed on the installation of solar powered pumps to build resilience against drought and empower women in communities. This project was implemented in 2018 in the Pemba district, in the Southern Province of Zambia, with great success.

According to the AfDB, since its inception in 2014, the SCRiKA project has built the adaptive capacity of 800,000 farmers (including 36,000 youths and 350,000 women) to cope with floods and droughts in Zambia.


(source: AfDB website)


Read the full press release here.

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