The purpose of this report is to present a synthesis of the analysis, under the DFIDfunded Regional Climate Change Programme for Southern Africa (RCCP), on climate change impacts and adaptation in the energy sector. The synthesis is based on four papers prepared under the RCCP, and as a synthesis document is limited to the scope of the underlying papers.

Energy is a critical driver of economic and social development. Domestic energy production and consumption has increased almost 100% over the last 20 years in most southern African countries. Yet, at the same time, energy consumption per capita has generally not kept up with population increases. Most of the rural and peri-urban population use traditional biomass stoves for their main energy needs of cooking.

RECOMMENDED CITATION Spalding-Fecher, R. & Fedorsky, C. 2012, Energy resources and climate change: key transboundary vulnerabilities for southern Africa. For the Regional Climate Change Programme for Southern Africa (RCCP), UK Department for International Development (DFID). Cape Town: OneWorld Sustainable Investments.

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