This report is submitted under the project “Presidential Climate Commission Recommendations for South Africa’s Electricity Future” by the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC).

OneWorld Sustainable Investments has been contracted by the Presidential Climate Commission to support the current series of energy dialogues with social partners on PCC recommendations to the government on the Just Energy Transition Investment Plan (JET-IP) and electricity planning in South Africa.

The energy dialogues comprise an information session and a formal consultation with each social partner: Business, Civil Society (including Faith and Youth), Government (including Local Government) and Labour. In addition, community consultations at the local level were also held.

This Report is structured into the following five sections, these being the most effective way in which to cluster stakeholder responses

  • Methodology and procedural justice for consultation
  • Scope and prioritisation
  • Timeframe and financing terms of the JET-IP
  • Institutional arrangements and capacities
  • Monitoring and evaluation

The Report concludes with a short Synthesis of the various recommendations.

A report on the stakeholder perspectives on the electricity planning has been prepared separately to this report. This report will be presented to the President of the Republic, uncensored. The report of the Presidential Climate Commission’s recommendations of the JET-IP (considering the stakeholders’ views) will also be presented to the President. These undertakings emanate from the President’s request to the PCC, on 4 November 2022.