The impacts of climate change on the Limpopo River Basin (LRB) are likely to be a significant driver for changing the basin’s landscape. Transformative approaches to managing the LRB’s key resource — water — are needed. The resource is scarce, and becoming more so, because of development pressures. The situation is serious; the LRB, in scientific terms, is a closed system, meaning there is no water left to allocate.

This Policy Brief has been developed for the RESILIM Program’s Policy for Resilience Series by OneWorld Sustainable Investments. It is informed by the detailed system analysis on the risks and vulnerabilities of the LRB developed under the USAID-funded RESILIM program.

Recommended Citation: Petrie, B., Chapman, A. , Midgley, A., Kreher, S. (2014) Managing for Change: Practical Integrated Water Resource Management and Climate Solutions for the Limpopo. For the USAID Southern Africa “Resilience in the Limpopo River Basin” (RESILIM) Program by OneWorld Sustainable Investments, Cape Town, South Africa.

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