May 2013

This report presents a summary of the consultations conducted by the PCC on South Africa’s Just Energy Transition Investment Plan (JET-IP). This stakeholder  consultation report was prepared by OneWorld Sustainable Investments, who also assisted the PCC with the stakeholder consultations. The views expressed by all stakeholders have informed the PCC’s critical analysis and recommendations on the JET-IP—a report of which is available on the PCC’s website. Both reports have been presented to the President of the Republic of South Africa. The stakeholder report and the PCC recommendations on the JET-IP emanate from the President’s request to the PCC on 4 November 2022

In this report, stakeholder perspectives have been captured under the following five headings, which also contain the essence of the recommendations:

  • Methodology and procedural justice for consultation
  • Scope and prioritisation of the JET-IP
  • Timeframe and financing terms of the JET-IP
  • Institutional arrangements and capacities
  • Monitoring and evaluation

The report concludes with a chapter on the overlaps between the JET-IP and electricity planning, followed by a short synthesis of the various recommendations.