This Training Manual has been prepared by the OneWorld Sustainable Investments team on the Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment in Luapula, Muchinga, Northern and Western Provinces project, under the auspices of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). The PPCR is a targeted program with dedicated multi-donor funding that, in Zambia, has the overall objective of mainstreaming climate resilience into core development planning.

This Training Manual has been developed to provide local decision-makers and policy-makers, as well as communities and end-users, with a systematic
and integrated means to answer these questions themselves, through a cooperative learning experience as outlined in this document. Ultimately, the outcomes
and impacts of these activities are geared towards improving overall climate resilience.

The content of this manual is based on research conducted between February and August 2018, as well as a variety of previous technical research projects conducted in Zambia. Feedback from participants in the Provincial Participatory Analysis Workshops held in Mongu (15-16 May, 2018), Kasama (4-5 June,  2018) and Mansa (7-8 June, 2018) as well as the Training of the Trainers Workshop held in Lusaka (30 July-02 August) has been integrated wherever possible. In addition, this manual draws on and is supported by the Technical Background Document (TBD), which comprises the final technical report under this project and provides a detailed assessment of: i) climate change risk and vulnerability; ii) climate change and sustainable development; and iii) investment options and pathways. Finally, this manual builds on content from the Transforming Landscapes for Resilience and Development in Northern and Southern Zambia (TRALARD-Zam) and Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Sub-Basin (SCRiKA) projects, particularly the respective Landscape Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment and Training Manual.

Petrie, B., Rawlins, J., Perkins, D., Wroblewski, T., Kalaba, F. and Lumbroso, D. (2018). Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability Assessment in Luapula, Muchinga, Northern and Western Provinces: Training Manual. OneWorld Sustainable Investments. Cape Town, South Africa.