These course materials were submitted under the African Development Bank, (AfDB) project: “Training of Trainers on GCF Project Development”. Specifically, these material were submitted in accordance with the requirements of the Contract.

Combined Training Materials Document

The purpose of this course is to increase your knowledge and skills for preparing successful funding proposals for GCF. This course aims to equip you to write concept notes and proposals that will meet GCF’s mandatory requirements. This course is presented in a practical way and works closely with the GCF proposal template. This is supported by relevant GCF case studies from the region to cement learning through practical examples.


Course notes

  • Module 0: Introduction to the Course
  • Module 1: Introduction to GCF
  • Module 2: Country Priorities to Project Proposal
  • Module 3: Designing a GCF Project
  • Module 4: Implementing a GCF Project
  • Module 5: Training and Capacity Development Skills for Trainers


  • Assessment 1: Introduction to the GCF
  • Assessment 2: Developing a Theory of Change
  • Assessment 3: Develop a logframe
  • Final exam

Evidence set documents:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Investment criteria
  3. Strategic Context
  4. Project background
  5. Theory of Change
  6. Case study (module 2) climate context

Reference Documents
• Abbreviations
• Glossary
• Guide for Applying multi-criteria decision-making support tool

• GCF concept template
• GCF funding proposal template
• Theory of change diagram

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