This website (linked above) was developed to share gender and climate awareness materials developed under the “Paris Agreement: Gender mainstreaming in NDC Enhancement in South Africa” project.

This project falls under the UNDP Climate Promise programme, which focused on ensuring that marginalised & vulnerable populations do not suffer disproportionate impacts from climate change. UNDP is supporting gender mainstreaming in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of countries to help ensure that gender equality & women’s empowerment are prominent objectives of climate change-related development investments & activities in South Africa. 

One of the activities of this project was to develop targeted educational and public awareness materials for rural communities on gender and climate change. The website above was created to make the outreach materials created under this project available for download to individuals and organisations who would like to use them. The infographics are available in multiple social media formats, including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and video.

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