Emma Gisondi joined OneWorld in March 2024 as a research intern. She has a keen interest in energy policy and security, and sustainable development. Emma is currently completing an MPhil in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Cape Town, with a dissertation on the dynamics driving rapid increase in small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) and the role of the private sector and municipalities in the City of Cape Town. Previously, she completed a BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam.

At OneWorld, Emma is supporting with research and report writing. She co-authored the recently published OneWorld policy brief “The Global Just Energy Transition” and is currently assisting with a UNDP-funded project to conduct risk and vulnerability assessments for Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. Before joining OneWorld, Emma also worked for over two years as a project and production coordinator for several film companies producing, among others, film, photography, advertisement campaigns, and digital and print design.