Staci Warrington is a Project Assistant at OneWorld Sustainable Investments. has a background in Invasion Ecology and completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Biodiversity and Ecology and Botany at Stellenbosch University. During this time, Staci volunteered for a number of environmental organizations, including the Two Oceans Aquarium and Cape Nature, where she was introduced to environmental management, project management and conservation. She also attended several conferences, such as the Fynbos Forum and the Conference for the Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions (EMAPi), where she presented her research and was exposed to the importance of effective science communication and accessible scientific research for informing policy. Staci has also worked in the Agricultural sector testing the efficacy of and collating research to be used as training manuals and in training programs. Since starting at OneWorld, Staci has been involved in several projects in a research support role, including several UNICEF Climate Landscape Analyses for Children in both Angola and South Africa as well as the State of the Marine Environment Report for the Benguela Current Commission. She has also assisted in compiling stakeholder engagement reports for projects, such as for the formation of a climate credit facility for the African Development Bank. Additionally, Staci also has a business development role at OneWorld where she assists in finding new project opportunities, compiling project proposals and project budgets. Overall, Staci has a keen interest in matters of environmental science, global change and policy and a passion for how these topics can be used synergistically for the effective conservation of the natural environment.