In the wake of the arrival of coronavirus (Covid-19) on South Africa’s shores, and in the context of the already high cost that the virus has exacted globally, OneWorld has developed a flexible policy for remote working and for applying social distancing practices. Remote work is increasingly becoming the recommended option and is regarded as best practice. It is also an approach that must be considered in the context of the needs of the business’ requirements, which are to maintain sound operational and financial functionality and the ability to remain in business.

This policy sets out the parameters within which OneWorld will work during the Covid-19 escalation period in South Africa, and the many geographies in which we work. The escalation of Covid-19, its patterns and responses will be monitored on a daily basis by the OneWorld directors. New arising information will continuously re-inform this policy, which should be treated as an adaptive management policy, in line with our overall business philosophy.

This policy is intended to cover all of OneWorld’s geographies of operation, thus including our South African and European places of operation, as well as our project work in the various countries and regions in which we deliver services. It sets out our policy parameters for work-related travel, personal travel, remote and face to face working.

Two fundamental objectives underpin this policy and these need to be viewed in conjunction with each other:

  1. To safeguard our staff and families, our colleagues and our fellow global citizens as far as possible against Covid-19, and
  2. To ensure that OneWorld continues to be a viable business that delivers high quality work, on time, and in various partnerships, with and for our clients, and within the overall developmental objective that underpins our business approach – building resilient futures, through accelerating the pace of change.

These objectives are the principles on which this policy is premised. Based on these, this policy outlines ways to facilitate all types of work including general remote teamwork and workshops, client and stakeholder engagement, and productive work at home, as well as face to face meetings and work travel.

Click on the icons below to access the latest OneWorld Working in a Crisis Policy, or our Covid-19 notice released last week.

Visit the SA Covid-19 resource portal here.

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