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ONEWORLD SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENTS, established in 2001 with offices in Cape Town and Brussels, is a sustainable development organisation focused on building social, economic, and institutional resilience in the context of climate and resource constraints.

How We Make An Impact

Establish Evidence
For Change

Translate Into Policies,
Strategies & Action Plans

Implement Through Capacity Building
& Knowledge Sharing

Deliver Projects In Line
With International Best Practice

Our Areas of Focus

Photo of river valley in Lesotho, showing signs of severe erosion, demonstrating impacts of climate change

Climate Change

Building and applying evidence of climate impacts for development, people and economies to inform inclusive policy strategies and financing solutions.

Valuing Resources

Advancing governance and sustainable financing for water, land-use, and biodiversity resource development across administrative and political boundaries.

Waterfall at sunset, dam overflow, showing importance of natral resource management
photo of view up an African city street at sunset - showing signs of infrastructure deterioration, public transport and economic activity

Urban Resilience

Facilitating sustainable urban densification, mobility and municipal governance reform for inclusive cities that secure development gains and enhance the lives of all citizens.

Green Transitions

Envisioning just transitions and transformational pathways for mobilising green and low carbon societies where all benefit from the gains.

Photo of view up a eco-building, covered in greenary and displaying environmentally friendly design

What our clients say

During the six month period, I found OneWorld to be a professional partner providing guidelines and solutions to the benefit of all partners concerned.

The Danish Embassy, South Africa

The standards to which One World hold themselves are exceptional and their ability to leverage their contacts throughout the Benguela Current Commission Member States, engaging with a diverse set of stakeholders in a professional and efficient manner, was a boon to the project and key aspect of its success.

Capricorn Marine Environmental (CapMarine),

“wonderful facilitation of the Theory of Change in the last webinar,”  and “We learned a lot also from you, and I believe we received overall good feedback for the webinar – thanks for your great collaboration, insights and support with the team.”


“Thank you for the final report and a job well done. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals of your calibre.”

Liana Strydom, Development Planning and Facilitation, City of Johannesburg Municipality

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